The Best Gift for Travelers

reum Wallet

Ethereum-based cryptocurrency mobile wallet, including Ethereum and EBCoin

Conclusion of MOU

EBC Foundation signs three-way MOU with Chain Refund and Oniontech to promote blockchain-based Tax Refund Services


Blockchain-based APP to be released

Tax Refund Service

In progress

EBCOIN Project

The EBCOIN Project seeks to improve the inconvenient tax refund process for travelers around the world. With low fees and ease of use, EBCoin promises to be a great gift for international travelers!

What is a Tax Refund?

A tax refund, in the context of our project, is referring to a refund of a percentage of the tax charged to a tourist for a purchase they made in another country while traveling abroad.

There are currently 34 countries offering tax free shopping incentives, of which 28 are from Europe. These include the United Kingdom, France and Italy, all of which rank at the top of the Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI).

The EBCoin Solution

Improves all stages of the inconvenient refund process

By digitizing the entire refund process, there will be no need to keep paper receipts and there will be no need to wait in long lines at the airport to request a tax refund.

100% of the refund is paid to the consumer

By reducing excessive costs associated with current refund systems, our platform will let travelers receive 100% of the refund amount owed to them.

Foreign Currency Exchange

A convenient and fast currency exchange

EBCoin tokens received for a tax refund can be withdrawn at airport ATM kiosks in the local currency of the country you are visiting. Alternatively, EBC tokens can be converted into other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ether by using the handy EBCoin App.

The EBCoin Target Market

The global tourism industry has been growing steadily over the past decade to over 1.3 billion travelers each year. This increase has created a global tax refund market with an estimated annual value in excess US $60 billion. This rapidly growing market is the primary target of the EBCoin project.

reum Wallet

Ethereum & token

Ethereum-based cryptocurrency mobile wallet, including Ethereum and EBCoin

Main Functions

  • Wallet: Three functions (Create, Load, and Watch)
  • The Ethereum-based cryptocurrency in the wallet is automatically registered and transferable.
    Your EBCoin is automatically registered.
  • Managing Multiple Wallets
  • Provide Ethereum Live Price
Android IOS


based on the blockchain

Tax Refund

  • The most convenient Tax Refund Service (100% refundable)
  • The decentralized system to meet the original purpose of the Tax Refund System


  • Exchange fiat into local currency using Alipay, WeChat, Paypal and etc.
  • Exchange fiat for cryptocurrency


  • Can be used as a means of payment in the countries to visit as interlocking with tax refund services
  • Provide payment service to various affiliate platforms

Tax Refund Service

July 2018

  • Establish tax refund business
  • Develop refund counter management system
  • Develop web-based back office management system

August 2018

  • Apply to be a tax refund operator
  • Complete tax refund system and solution development

September 2018

  • Approved as a tax refund operator

October 2018

  • Interlink with a custom’s dedicated refund server
  • Test tax refund service for merchants (POS & CAT devices)
  • Prove management website for merchants - refund settlements / statistics

November 2018

  • Launch tax refund business
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